Chismarich v. Berryhill

The Eighth Circuit affirmed the Commissioner's denial of disability benefits and dismissal of plaintiff's complaint under 42 U.S.C. 405(g). The court held that the record overwhelmingly supported the determination that plaintiff was not disabled, and the court found no legal error in the ALJ's analysis. In this case, plaintiff was a stay-at-home father married to a physician; he cared for and transported his four young children, performed housekeeping tasks, managed the sale of the family's house, and negotiated with the builders of a new house; and the record demonstrated that not only did he participate in these varied activities, but that he was able to navigate the obvious stresses inherent in these activities when compliant with his prescribed medications. The court held that the ALJ's statements in the step-two and three analyses was not inconsistent with the ALJ's step-four Residual Functional Capacity determination. View "Chismarich v. Berryhill" on Justia Law